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A Forbidden Rumspringa

A Forbidden Rumspringa - Keira Andrews I got this in exchange for my honest thoughts. :)

Imagine a world where you have to wear a long skirt no matter the weather, you're expected to marry and have a bazillion kids you can have no car, can't have indoor plumbing or electricity to warm your home no internet no *gasp* porn well that is the Amish way, Faith in God is all you need.

A Forbidden Rumspringa is about two Amish boys falling in love awww I know but it's not quite hearts and flowers see they are as aforementioned Amish and two men together is most definitely a no no.

Isaac is 18 and already being pestered to join the church and find a nice girl to marry but Isaac doesn't want a wife he doesn't know what he wants and it isn't until he's made the carpenters apprentice that he figures out what it is he really needs.

David Lantz is the man of the house taking care of his Mother and two sisters. After the death of his father he's all they have. He takes in Isaac as his apprentice and oh they work with wood alright ;) not being able to ignore the extreme attraction they have for each other they start their secret love affair and while coming to terms with who they are they both realize that if they ever want to be happy they'll have to leave but David just can't leave his family and Isaac doesn't want to put his family through the pain of losing another son to the outside world.

How can two Amish boys possibly make it work in such a strict world?

I really really loved this book it's a great coming of age read not to mention it's really hot I just love good and proper boys going all bad and dirty! And I see that there's gonna be more and I'm so excited! I can't wait to read more about Isaac and David!