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Swan Prince (Entangled Edge)

Swan Prince (Entangled Edge) - Erin Lark I'm not usually one to read shifter books but this one was pretty cool. Swan Prince is about Oliver, a swan shifter who's shot down one night by a hunter and ends up stuck in his human form.

One day Bastian finds an injured naked man in one of his horse stalls naturally he's confused as to how he arrived there in the middle of a blizzard, but he takes him in anyway patches up his wound and offers him a job.

Oliver stays with Bastian for a while and helps him out with the horses while his shoulder heals but once it does what will he do leave the man he's falling in love with and go back to his responsibilities as prince to his flock or stay?

An interesting read what with all the werewolf books out there these days I found this to be a refreshing change.