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Secret - Brigid Kemmerer I'd been dying to read this ever since Breathless, serioulsy the wait was agonizing. Secret is both Nick and Quinn's story

Nick is falling apart. He's working hard helping his brother keep their business afloat and fears leaving for college and leaving his brothers too much to open the possible college acceptance letters he's recieved not to mention Adam. Adam is Quinn's dance partner and his boyfriend, a boyfriend who's existence is unknown to his family as is the fact that he even likes guys. Then there's the new Guide come to town with Merrick blood on his mind.

Quinn has a horrid homelife her mother is a drunk that couldn't care less about her and her brother Jack who's supposed to be home from college is actually running a drug den from her room and likes to beat on her for no reason. She starts hanging with Tyler, an elemental that hates the Merricks but is really nice to her. Dancing with Adam is one of the better parts of her life right now.

Secret is every bit as awesome as i'd hoped it would be it's a wonderful story about not being afraid to be who you are.