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Evenfall - Ais, Santino Hassell I did it! wow yeah that took like a week to read but in the end it was totes worth it! In a world broken and struggling to rebuild after WWIII there's a secret agency that deals with the shadier parts of the government. Agent, 'Sin' Vega, is called a monster by all because of his tendencies to go on savage rampages resulting in agent and civilian deaths and because he shows no remorse or much of any emotions except anger. Sin is feared and hated, kept in a box that exploits his claustrophobia and forced to wear a shock collar to keep him under control, still, he is the best they got.

Boyd, a troubled kid who hides behind a frigid facade is surprised when his mother, a high ranking agency official, brings him in to be Vega's new partner. At first their partnership is rocky with Sin thinking of Boyd as an annoyance that will get himself killed soon enough but after several dangerous missions together they begin to get along better becoming friends and later lovers.
Though it took a some time to really get into it and kinda hard to distinguish between povs at times Evenfall was a freaking awesome book!