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Proxy - Alex London Right than, Proxy is an awesome dystopian read in which the world is run on computer codes and technology the rich have everything and the poor have nothing.

Knox is one of the rich and all he cares about is having fun and living in the moment he has a proxy that receives any punishment for him until one day he goes too far and his proxy is sentenced to die.

Syd lives in the Valve, the poorest part of town he's Knox's Proxy and has had to suffer for everything his patron does wrong all his life. He never thought he was special in any way until his blood is tested after a blood transfusion and it is discovered that there is something hidden in his blood, something that could change everything he has ever known.

After escaping his prison Syd decides to run and in trying to find help he ends up finding Knox. Knox decides to help his proxy escape if just to defy his father and together along with another friend they go off on a dangerous trek to find the rebooters, a rebel group intend on taking down the computer system the world runs on.

I'm not to happy with the ending but the rest of the book makes up for it. Really great.