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Possession - J.R. Ward Whoa this book is packed with surprises, like, seriously wow. I Loved it of course and am already anticipating the next one. here's what's doing with the POV's of possession:

Jim - The hero. Dealing with Sissy, mostly, until he kicks back into gear and gets to work finding that soul he needs to save.

Sissy - Coming to terms with being free of Devina but being unable to go back to the way life used to be.

Adrien - Stepping up to help with the soul.

Devina - Crazy evil as usual.

Cait - An artist and a teacher trying to find herself and enjoying the attention of two hot men.

Duke - A bouncer at The Iron Mask and city worker dealing with personal problems and working on winning Cait over.

G.B. - A Singer and wannabe actor who seems like a really nice guy, also vying to win Cait's affections.