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Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux Nick and Kelly!!! I've already read this sucker several times and I swear it gets better every time!
After the events of Touch & Geaux that left Kelly with a bullet hole in the chest he goes home to recover with a sexy Irish boy acting as a nurse. After one too many painkillers Kelly gets curious about the dark side and asks Nick for a kiss, that one leads to more. Nick gets spooked by the rightness of it all and Kelly is forced to rethink things about himself. After Shock & Awe there's the short: Bait & Switch which starts with Nick paying Zane a visit during a short leave and ends with him and Kelly making an...a hurm...Home Vid. Very hot. As Awesome as this was it's not enough to sustain my need for Ty and Zane 'til Ball & Chain.