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The Trials of Renegade X

The Trials of Renegade X - Chelsea M. Campbell Yay more Renegade X! I was so happy to hear there was going to be a sequel I waited Oh so long for this and it paid off well. This book was freaken Awesome!

Where we last left off Damien, the love child of a superhero and a supervillian was living with his father, The Crimson Flash, now Damien is going to hero school and not doing so well. The teachers don't like him the kids really don't like him and his sidekick Sarah has been spending more and more time with her new boyfriend "The Invisible Douche" and his own girlfriend is off at villain school. To top it all off a new power has made an appearance: he can shoot lightning out of his hands, a villain power. Then when he accidently zaps Sarah with a personality changing device she made she goes crazy and decides that all all super villians must die. Now Damien and Riley, Sarah's boyfriend, need to fix her before it's too late all while trying to keep his new power a secret from his dad.