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Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure - Kindle Alexander That cover *sigh* makes me wanna lick it :P

Thanks for the ARC

Mitch is the guy who helped out Colt after his little accident that wasn't an accident, ya know the sexy US Marshal. This is his very sexy covered book.

Mitch Knox has been working hard on this case, the case that hurt his friend and killed several other fairly high profile gay men, by himself, since no one else believes in or wants to invest in it, not until a senator's son is targeted then all of a sudden it's top priority and he's partnered up with a tight assed FBI agent to track down whoever's behind the attacks.

And then everything comes to a halt the moment he spots the most beautiful cowboy sitting at a bar.

Cody Turner is a Texas State Trooper working his way up to Texas Ranger(yum) while at a nightclub being a little wallflower a most sexy tattooed man comes up to him. Lust burns between them on the dance floor but both his shyness and the shock of discovering who his dance partner is holds Cody back. Before they can really get anything going Mitch is called away on business. Cody believing he'll probably never hear from him again. He does.

Mitch can't stop thinking about that sexy state trooper even as the hunt for the killer escalates. Calling, texting and skyping is all fun and good but physical contact would be much preferred. It's a while before they get together again but those few days spent together starts something and watching his friends Colt and Jace really has him wishing for something more maybe this could be it.

I've loved everything I've read of Kindle's almost as much as I love the covers for said books I mean have you seen them? [bc:Texas Pride|17660704|Texas Pride|Kindle Alexander|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363660844s/17660704.jpg|24650526][bc:The Current Between Us|18073891|The Current Between Us|Kindle Alexander|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1371219244s/18073891.jpg|26404134][bc:Double Full|18513700|Double Full (Nice Guys, #1)|Kindle Alexander|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1379433285s/18513700.jpg|26208630][bc:Always|20640467|Always|Kindle Alexander|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1391197570s/20640467.jpg|39931201] Mmhmm I loved Full Disclosure and not just because I'm the biggest badge bunny. Great book full of action and sexy sex, well there was one sex scene that I didn't like all that much but that's due to my own personal issue. That ending was super sweet :) There was also and omg part there at the end that has me totally looking forward to the next book.