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The Blinding Light

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye Jake is having money problems helping his mother with her debt and his three sisters whenever they need it he's at the point where he barely has money to feed himself. Desperate for a job he jumps at the offer to work for a cleaning services company. The agency sets him up with their toughest client, no maid ever lasts more than a couple weeks with him but Jake's desperate. He accepts.

Patrick Stanford was born blind abandoned as a baby and then adopted by a rich man who wanted someone to pass his fortune to he had a pretty privileged life despite the fact that he's blind. Understandably Patrick needs things to be in a specific order, overly anal he runs through maids like they're going out of style and then he gets Jake Manning. They butt heads at first but their irritation with each other can't beat out the raging lust between them and soon enough Jake's helping Patrick with more than just his house. Both have messed up visions of themselves Jake thinking he's not attractive enough or interesting enough for anyone to be interested in him and Patrick believing his blindness too great a deterrent to build a lasting relationship. Despite the views on themselves they both think the other is perfect as is and too good for them.

I really like Jake he's completely self sacrificing practically raising his three sisters on his own while his drug abusing mother was off in her own world and then when his family needs him again he gives up the life he was just beginning to make for himself to come and help them. Patrick is sweet and I love how even though he's blind he hasn't let that make him bitter with life though his manners could use some work, but don't worry, Jake's helping him with that.

I liked this book it was cute, funny and was also pretty hot. I absolutely love Kaye's book Loving Jay so when I saw she had written another book I jumped at it. I can't wait to read more from her.