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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt Hunter Easton is the one behind the magic of Wolf's Landing, he's the one who wrote the books! Now with his agent and fans riding him hard to finish the next book he can't, cursed with major writer's block he can't seem to make anything work. And then his online friend sends him a copy of his Wolf's Landing Fanfic and hallelujah he's saved! The fanfic is better than anything he could have come up with and he simply must make it part of the series.

Kevin is excited when his friend loves his fic and wants to meet up and talk about it then he's shocked to discover that Wolf Hunter is actually the Hunter Easton and to put the cherry on top of the mind numbing shock cake Hunter wants to make Kevin his co-writer and his lil' ole Fanfic into book Eight of the Wolf's Landing Series! Crazy day for Kevin.

Hunter's always been a solitary man but oddly enough having Kevin encroaching in his space doesn't even bother him in fact it feels right. Their Friendship and Chemistry translate well into real life and between working on the series they're working on other stuff in between the sheets ;) Alas sudden fame and fortune may be too much for Kevin to handle, add into that a new relationship and things may be over before they really begin.

There is a really big age gap between the two which really isn't my thing but they make it work. I enjoyed the book well enough but it's not really all that memorable not in comparison to the other books in this series, I guess it just focused too much on the whole writing process than any actual story and other than Kevin having trouble with the sudden changes in his life and Hunter's Writer's block there isn't all that much going on to catch my attention. Really I just want to go back to reading about the actors and their rich and complicated lives not that Hunter's not rich and complicated but yea, actors.