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Rock N Soul

Rock N Soul - Lauren Sattersby Thanks to the publisher for the ARC <3<br/>
So I'd really been looking forward to this book for a while now the blurb just sounded so awesome! :D Didn't disappoint.

Rock N Soul is about a normal guy named Tyler who's working at a hotel where just a couple of months ago a famous rock star od'd he was the one who found the body and now he's walking in to the room for the first time since. But then he finds a ring, the ring, Chris Raiden's ring which he puts on and now he has a narcissistic ghost pestering him.

Chris Raiden didn't live the healthiest of lives what with his heavy drug abuse and pushing away his friends and family he regrets it enough to come back and haunt the poor bellboy and get him to help in making amends.

What starts with as an understandably difficult relationship soon turns into friendship as Tyler can't resist Chris's ghostly charms.

I really did have fun reading this book, Chris is a riot he's what appears to be a spoiled rock star with a dirty drug habit and dirtier sex life but really he's a guy who's in great(not physical)pain and the only way to escape is the hard drugs which end in his death. Then there's Tyler who doesn't really think much of himself, he kept a crazy girlfriend for way longer than he should have just because she occasionally put out even though she was always envisioning someone else and he's stayed at his job for ever because he's never quite found the motivation to go back to college. The two bring out the best in each other with Chris opening up about his life and learning how his coping mechanisms aren't quite the best and Tyler growing up and accepting himself.

I love a good ghost love story and I'm always curious in how the relationship between a ghost and living person will work. The ending of this one still left me with some questions but oh well, live in the present and all that I guess.