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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt Hunter Easton is the one behind the magic of Wolf's Landing, he's the one who wrote the books! Now with his agent and fans riding him hard to finish the next book he can't, cursed with major writer's block he can't seem to make anything work. And then his online friend sends him a copy of his Wolf's Landing Fanfic and hallelujah he's saved! The fanfic is better than anything he could have come up with and he simply must make it part of the series.

Kevin is excited when his friend loves his fic and wants to meet up and talk about it then he's shocked to discover that Wolf Hunter is actually the Hunter Easton and to put the cherry on top of the mind numbing shock cake Hunter wants to make Kevin his co-writer and his lil' ole Fanfic into book Eight of the Wolf's Landing Series! Crazy day for Kevin.

Hunter's always been a solitary man but oddly enough having Kevin encroaching in his space doesn't even bother him in fact it feels right. Their Friendship and Chemistry translate well into real life and between working on the series they're working on other stuff in between the sheets ;) Alas sudden fame and fortune may be too much for Kevin to handle, add into that a new relationship and things may be over before they really begin.

There is a really big age gap between the two which really isn't my thing but they make it work. I enjoyed the book well enough but it's not really all that memorable not in comparison to the other books in this series, I guess it just focused too much on the whole writing process than any actual story and other than Kevin having trouble with the sudden changes in his life and Hunter's Writer's block there isn't all that much going on to catch my attention. Really I just want to go back to reading about the actors and their rich and complicated lives not that Hunter's not rich and complicated but yea, actors.

Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels - Z.A. Maxfield Nash is a Mechanic helping care for his wheelchair bound sister while his brother is in college and his father invents wacky things. He has no room in his life for a lover but fate has different ideas when stopping to help a stranger at the side of a road leads to sexy times and a new friend

Spencer is an actor in town for the Wolf's Landing filming. he's rich and famous and going through a rough divorce where his husband left him for a woman pregnant with his child, oh the scandal. So he's not really sure if he's ready to start anything with anyone but he just can't seem to resist this sexy biker.

Maybe if Nash sees that his family really doesn't need him as much as he seems to need them and start living for himself and Spencer realizes that his old relationship was never as real as this one is they can finally have the kind of love they both deserve.

I've been loving this series so far and this one was no exception, of course Z.A. Maxfield is a favorite author of mine so I already knew I'd like it going in. Hell on wheels is a great addition to the Bluewater Bay series I stayed up 'till 4 reading it and if I was a zombie the next day so what.

Also I have a very strong desire to watch Wolf's Landing so someone should get on that.

My Cowboy Homecoming

My Cowboy Homecoming - Z.A. Maxfield Cowboys! That's all the incentive I need. this is the third book in the cowboys series.

Lucho is a sexy Mexican cowboy on the J-Bar Ranch and he's got serious beef with the new hand Tripp who's indirectly responsible for the death of his grandfather but it's hard to hate someone who's just so nice.

Tripp has been under his father's finger all his life and even after going to war and his father to jail still he can't get out from under his influence. He's come home to help his mother who's already lost one son and who's husband is in jail. His mother helps get him a job at the J-Bar Ranch which is run by the gay couple Malloy and Crispin (from the first book) they take him in happily and soon everyone loves him everyone other than Lucho that is.

Just by being his wonderful non evil self helping Lucho who's got a crushed foot via a frightened rescue horse Tripp eventually wears Lucho down and they finally give into that strong attraction that's been zinging between them from the beginning.

I love me some Latino boys in my books so I really love Lucho and Tripp's a good boy given a bad hand in life but he makes it work. Not all that much sex in this book but hey sexy cowboys :D I just love Z.A Maxfield's writing I've loved everything I've read by her and I plan on reading many more.

There's Something About Ari

There's Something About Ari - L.B. Gregg Ari has made it big as a movie star and is back in town not just for his role in Wolf's Landing but for the one person he left behind when he had to leave five years ago. But now he's come home at last and has no plans on leaving.

It's only been Buck and his brother ever since his mother died and his best friend ran off and now here he is waltzing right in like he never left. Buck's been in love with his best friend Ari for years and even Ari running off on him hasn't been enough to deter his love for him. What if his unrequited love isn't quite as unrequited as he thought?

I'm really liking this series Starstruck was one of the best books I read this year so naturally I was really excited for this one and sure it was pretty good but I found it to be too short to really get a feel for the characters and the ending was rather abrupt. Still I can't wait for the next one.

The Glass Prince

The Glass Prince - Sandra Bard Daniel is a lonely mage with powers over glass he has had no real human contact since he was a kid for whenever he touches someone that person is unintentionally treated to glass embedded skin. So naturally when he meets someone who's unaffected by his magic he's curious but then curiosity turns to obsession where-then he ends up unintentionally intentionally kidnapping Eren who apart from being immune to magic is a rather ordinary guy with a girlfriend and and wheelchair bound mother he takes care of.

I found the world this is placed in fascinating but the development of the love between the two MCs just didn't quite cut it for me it was kinda, well, Stockholm syndromeish and the ending was rather abrupt though it had potential to be really something I only give it three stars. Still I enjoyed it well enough and found the whole magic thing interesting I should read more Paranormal.
OMG this is soooo good! Love it! I love this whole series and Oh My God there's going to be a fourth one! I'm so excited! Okay so not really a review just me going on and on about how awesome this book is and an excessive use of exclamation points. But seriously! Ahhh!

Being True

Being True - Jacob Z. Flores Being True is about a kid, Tru, who's an outsider never fitting in and believing all the horrible things people say about him. Thinking himself ugly and not worth anything he is more surprised than anyone when the most popular kid in school takes a liking to him. Javi is the star Baseball player and most loved kid in the school even the teachers love him and even though he's happy he's not happy and it isn't until he meets Tru that he starts to figure out what it is he needed.

There's so much I loved about this book first of all the best gal pal shares my name and I just love that :D also Javi is Mexican and I just love to see some diversity in books and hey being that I myself am Mexican bonus! I also grew up in a poor "barrio" like the one Tru and Javi live in so yea I loved seeing all the Mexican culture thrown in.

I just love to read a nice feel good YA book here and there and this is one I really really liked.

The Working Elf Blues

The Working Elf Blues - Piper Vaughn This is a really cute little Christmas story about an elf who's watched over and loved a man from afar for fifteen years until he couldn't resist anymore and decided to hell with the north pole it was time to follow his heart to the lonely man with the dogs. Not too much angst and a happy ending just how I like 'em.

I just love all the feel good stories that come out during the holiday season :D

The Next

The Next - Rafe Haze That is a cover win.

The Merchant of Death

The Merchant of Death - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock Just as funny and exciting as the first.

Henry's on a crazy mission to find out what's going on at a care facility, a crazy mission that includes lies and a wig. Mac is reluctant to help out since there is no actual hard evidence that there's anything fishy going on but Henry's adamant about the evil of the place. To make things worse Mac's under investigation for some false accusation filed on him and OPR is all over him. not to mention that during all this crazy he's actually supposed to be on medical leave.

I love the two characters, Mac the FBI agent on a diet that aggrieves him to no end and Henry the con artist who on the outside seems like a selfish crook but is actually completely selfless and will do anything for the ones he loves.

This book was so much fun with some cross dressing thrown in :D I'm seriously loving this series and can't wait to read more since it went and ended at a dun dun dun moment.

Mac and Cheese go great together!

The Two Gentlemen of Altona

The Two Gentlemen of Altona - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock This really made me laugh, a lot, and I love to laugh so big plus there. Also one of the main characters is law enforcement and everyone knows that's my thing ;) and there's a little hate to not so hate thing going on and I really like that too. And Okay. Seriously. 5 Stars Love this!

The Two Gentlemen of Altona is about "Mac" an FBI agent trying to get a slippery chameleon of a con artist to testify about the shooting he witnessed and when said slippery chameleon slips right under his nose injuring his rep things becomes personal. Once Mac finally has Henry he has to keep him safe from the hit men after him and the possible snake in his own garden and perhaps hardest of all he somehow has to resist not killing him himself for his absolutely annoying never stopping mouth. All this while he's on a coffee and carbs detox.

Cute and funny with exciting gun shooting and mystery thrown in this book is a delight :D

Outcome (Aftermath Book 2)

Outcome - Cara Dee Whooo! After I finished Aftermath which was Amaaaazing! I was really dying to read this and the moment it came out you know I was right on it! SO worth the wait. Outcome is fabulous!

Da Blurb:Chase not quite over his abduction and escape three years ago still has nightmares and unanswered questions though things do seem brighter now, owning his own bar and with Austin and Cam, the main characters from the first book [b:Aftermath|18194121|Aftermath (Aftermath, #1)|Cara Dee|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1373821287s/18194121.jpg|25601003], back in his life as great friends, definitely brighter. And then one day a guy in his underwear ends up at his bar, a man that he's shocked to realize he knows. Remy Stahl, the guy his abductor made him be in his sick little fantasy.

Remy has spiraled out of control, drugs, booze and random hookups are destroying him and his worried friends decide to do something about it, Chaining him to the bed to sober up and trying to make him see the light. Remy escapes to the nearest bar but without money he ends up just sitting in the corner....mostly naked. And then he's being kicked out by the last man he wants to see.

Then there's anger, regret, healing and a lil loooving :D

Characters with major drama? Yes please I wonder if there will be more to this series and if so who will it feature? Hmmmmm.

The Shearing Gun

The Shearing Gun - Renae Kaye Honestly I just dove into this without even reading what it's about just 'cause I've love Renae Kaye. Holding up to my expectations this book was fantastic.

Hank is a sheep farmer, an amazing Shearing Gun(Top Notch Sheep Shearer) he's been in the closet ever since his own father kicked him out for being gay he has a strict rule about getting dirty with anyone local but that rule is shattered when he meets the sexy new doctor in town.

To annoy his mother, Elliot, the aforementioned sexy doctor achieved success by himself and moved far away from her to a rural little town with a funny name and after a few months a most hunky cowboy with a broken collarbone walks in.

Some suppressed sexual tension later and we have sexy man action! :D

Did I mention I love the name Elliot in fact it's my favorite guy name, probably what I'll name my first son... The Elliot in this book was really cool I mean a cute doctor who's totally about helping others I just love the good guy :) Hank is great too sure I don't think he should have hidden his sexuality for so long he has a great reputation so it's not like nobody would hire him anymore or anything but still everything works out okay in the end all happy happy just like I like it.

A Forbidden Rumspringa

A Forbidden Rumspringa - Keira Andrews I got this in exchange for my honest thoughts. :)

Imagine a world where you have to wear a long skirt no matter the weather, you're expected to marry and have a bazillion kids you can have no car, can't have indoor plumbing or electricity to warm your home no internet no *gasp* porn well that is the Amish way, Faith in God is all you need.

A Forbidden Rumspringa is about two Amish boys falling in love awww I know but it's not quite hearts and flowers see they are as aforementioned Amish and two men together is most definitely a no no.

Isaac is 18 and already being pestered to join the church and find a nice girl to marry but Isaac doesn't want a wife he doesn't know what he wants and it isn't until he's made the carpenters apprentice that he figures out what it is he really needs.

David Lantz is the man of the house taking care of his Mother and two sisters. After the death of his father he's all they have. He takes in Isaac as his apprentice and oh they work with wood alright ;) not being able to ignore the extreme attraction they have for each other they start their secret love affair and while coming to terms with who they are they both realize that if they ever want to be happy they'll have to leave but David just can't leave his family and Isaac doesn't want to put his family through the pain of losing another son to the outside world.

How can two Amish boys possibly make it work in such a strict world?

I really really loved this book it's a great coming of age read not to mention it's really hot I just love good and proper boys going all bad and dirty! And I see that there's gonna be more and I'm so excited! I can't wait to read more about Isaac and David!


Glitter - Ayla Starr Breaks my heart in nine pages.

Bottled Up Secret

Bottled Up Secret - Brian McNamara 2.5ish

Brendan is a happy little High School Senior with friends and a big ole secret, He's gay. Just coming to terms with it himself he hasn't told any of his friends also, he has a huge crush on one of his friend's boyfriend, Mark. Mark is cool funny and they get along great and every time they talk it seems like Mark is flirting with him. Does he feel the same about him? or is he just the unconsciously flirt with everyone kind of guy? Turns out feelings are reciprocated and they start dating on the DL but keeping secrets from everyone you care about is hard maybe too hard for their fledgling romance to survive.

I didn't really connect with this book mostly 'cause of the writing style it just felt so vague and not well written. The story had potential, I love High School students coming to terms with their sexuality and exploring new feelings but this story just didn't deliver.