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The Straight Boyfriend (Loving You Book 3)
Renae Kaye
Portrait of a Kiss (Southern Beaus #1)
T. D. McKinney, Terry Wylis
Delivered Fast
Annabeth Albert
Where We Left Off
Roan Parrish
Absinthe of Malice
Rhys Ford
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Robin Wasserman, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson
Shifting Gears
Riley Hart
Tracefinder: Contact
Kaje Harper
The Red Sun Rises
Victoria Kinnaird
No! Jocks Don't Date Guys
Wade Kelly

Proud Heart

Proud Heart - Kade Boehme What's this? A chance of the Heart short?! No one tells me anything!

Base Instincts (Demonica, #11.7)

Base Instincts (Demonica, #11.7) - Larissa Ione omg! I see it's time to catch up on this series.


Maps - Nash Summers So crazy cute and funny :D

Where There's Fire

Where There's Fire - Cari Z. So I read the first book a few days ago and i was just blown away! Ah I just love super stuff, Hero or Villain, and then Netgalley provided me with book two! Needless to say I devoured it.

In the new adventures of Edward Dingus and his not so evil Villain boyfriend "The Mad Bombardier"....

Edward's short stint at the Abattoir prison and the torture he underwent there left him with empathic projection powers kinda like that dude from twilight. After he's gotten a little control over his powers Edward with a little help from Raul(Bombardier)is trying to become a villain and for his first heist he's gonna hit his former bank hoping that familiarity will help.

Things don't go as smoothly as planned and now he's captured the attention of the big boss evil dude "Maggot" ooooh and Magget wants something from him and if Edward refuses or fails than horrible things will happen to poor Raul.

...Will Edward Dingus prevail? or is he and his bomb loving hunny about to meet a terrible end?

Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke - Cari Z. I just love superhero things! This book is no exception.

A normal Joe working at a bank helps a villain who was robbing him and in return the villain sends him flowers as a thank you and invites him for coffee, all of a sudden normal Edward Dingus is dating the super villain "The Mad Bombardier" what could possibly go wrong, right?

A really fun short read. Totally recommend to anyone who loves hero stuff.

How to Howl at the Moon

How to Howl at the Moon - Eli Easton
This was really cute! It's about a town of dog shifters accepting an awkward human who's going through some hard times and a particular shifter who's just trying to keep the town safe and willing to go through insane lengths to do so.

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement - L.A. Witt ~2.2 stars~

It almost physically hurt getting through this, the MC was the must self centered arse I swear! Everything was about him him him and he didn't once stop to think about the poor guy he was sleeping with and that's another thing there was just too much sex I mean I love a good sweaty tussle as much as the next person but come on! The love was just uninspiring not even the gayforyouness did much for me.

Necropolis (Whyborne & Griffin #4)

Necropolis  - Jordan L. Hawk Whyborne and Griffin set off for Egypt after Christine sends them a telegram asking for their assistance. They end up fighting Ghouls, evil undead spirits and a demon from Griffin's past much fun!

Whyborne is still working on his spells though he still adamantly denies being a sorcerer. Along with the usual creepy monsters and Whyborne's magic casting this book introduces a special someone to Christine wink wink. Secrets, backstabbing and magic I just love this series I really do.


Widdershins - Jordan L. Hawk Historicals aren't usually my thing which is why even with so much of my friends loving this I'd been rather resistant to starting it and it wasn't 'till a bingo challenge finally pushed me into reading it.

And oh am I glad I did. This book was wildly entertaining full of magic and creepy undead monsters fun fun! Not to mention a sexy detective wooing a cute historian who speaks 13 languages and reads more. Throw in an awesome chick who knows how to wield a gun as good as any man and this book is pure magic!

Have A Little Faith In Me

Have A Little Faith In Me - Brad Vance When I first started this book I felt the writing was done badly and it was rather hard to get into it but just a little more in I got completely hooked.

A Clean Break

A Clean Break - Keira Andrews Whoo! More Isaac and David! The wait felt like ages!

David and Isaac have left Zebulon and are living in Cali with Issac's brother, Arron. With Arron's help they are discovering the English ways. Issac is transitioning to the English life surprisingly well; he starts to go to school and makes new friends but David on the other hand. David is having trouble coping with this new way of life. The feeling of being useless and the guilt for having abandoned his family starts to weigh heavy and he starts coping with the stress in completely the wrong way. But at the end of the day they have each other and that's all that ever really mattered.

This book was so much fun! I loved seeing Issac and David learn about the English world it was funny at times and then at around the last couple chapters things get intense and crazy and Ohmygod is it almost April?!

Getting It Right (The Restoration Series)

Getting It Right (The Restoration Series) - A.M. Arthur This is Tag's story. Tag is in the Belonging series and now he got his own book :D

Dr. James Taggert is having a bad night, after hearing the man who led to his sister's death has been released from prison he decides getting drunk is a great idea and when he almost does something really really bad he turns to his best friend Nathan who takes him home and comforts him. The night ends with a kiss that James forgets in the morning but that Nathan can't get out of his head.

Detective Nathan Wolf has felt something for his best friend since college but has always buried it deep and locked it tight but a single kiss frees those feelings he fears. When he confesses his feelings to James, James rejects him, not because he doesn't want him but because he never though that
Nathan, the reason he's never connected with anyone on more than a physical level, could ever want anything other than friendship with him so he pushes him away, something he couldn't regret more.

I really liked this book it had so much going on that I was never bored. Both men have their demons to slay; James is a psychiatrist with the wrong ways of handling his stress and James after getting hurt suffers from nightmares and flashbacks that endanger those around him. Both men are so messed up and at the same time trying to figure out this new relationship between them.

Sure there were a lot of untied strings left but since this is the first book in the series I'm guessing things will get solved in the next book.

ps. I love that cover!

Murder on the Mountain

Murder on the Mountain - Jamie Fessenden This read more like a whodunit than anything else but I enjoyed it.

Bowl Full of Cherries

Bowl Full of Cherries - Raine O'Tierney So it seems the sequel has been pushed back another year and i just can't. I can't.


Tempest - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock In this new installment of Mac & Cheese Mac and Henry as well as Henry's sister Viola are on the run, Hiding out at Mac's parent's house. A crooked lady in the FBI is hunting Mac down ruthlessly. Henry is busy looking for Remy who may have some information that may help Mac clear his name. Meanwhile there's an evil mastermind that Mac never expected, behind it all and out for revenge.

I think this was the most exiting book yet in this series full of evil crazy ladies, Gunfights and a Con artist and flappy armed FBI agent trying to make it work. I love Mac and Henry they're just so cute and I've loved seeing them break down the barriers between them.

Obviously I've been enjoying this series greatly and I want more.

The Burnt Toast B&B

The Burnt Toast B&B - Heidi Belleau;Violetta Vane, Rachel Haimowitz I hate not finishing ARCs but I just couldn't do it, not because it was bad or anything but the whole trans thing is new to me and I guess I need some time to get my head around it.