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The Straight Boyfriend (Loving You Book 3)
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Delivered Fast
Annabeth Albert
Where We Left Off
Roan Parrish
Absinthe of Malice
Rhys Ford
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Robin Wasserman, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson
Shifting Gears
Riley Hart
Tracefinder: Contact
Kaje Harper
The Red Sun Rises
Victoria Kinnaird
No! Jocks Don't Date Guys
Wade Kelly

Part & Parcel

Part & Parcel - Abigail Roux Though we never really got to meet Eli he's the one running the show in Part & Parcel

Nick is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in Miami you know where he almost died D: (that was terrifying) on a particularly dreary day he finally opens the box that Eli's mom gave him forever ago and discovers some hard to read letters hand written by Eli himself instructing him to assemble the gang for a road trip.

Throughout the whole painful trip through feels land Nick and Kelly work out their problems in their relationship, Ty is Ty and Zane is Zane.

This book was pretty cool it not only focused on Nick and Kelly but the whole group we learn what Ty and Zane are up to and some new stuff on Owen and Digger oh and there's kittens! Ty brings his kittens along on the road :D lots of cute.

Out of the Blues

Out of the Blues - Mercy Celeste Whoa, took a while to get through this it was just so drama filled and angsty! It was very hot though.

The Winter Spirit

The Winter Spirit - Indra Vaughn This was a lovely surprise. I love cute ghost love stories.

How to Walk Like a Man (Howl at the Moon Book 2)

How to Walk Like a Man - Eli Easton I love that cover! So excited!

I'll scribble my thoughts later.

Rock N Soul

Rock N Soul - Lauren Sattersby Thanks to the publisher for the ARC <3<br/>
So I'd really been looking forward to this book for a while now the blurb just sounded so awesome! :D Didn't disappoint.

Rock N Soul is about a normal guy named Tyler who's working at a hotel where just a couple of months ago a famous rock star od'd he was the one who found the body and now he's walking in to the room for the first time since. But then he finds a ring, the ring, Chris Raiden's ring which he puts on and now he has a narcissistic ghost pestering him.

Chris Raiden didn't live the healthiest of lives what with his heavy drug abuse and pushing away his friends and family he regrets it enough to come back and haunt the poor bellboy and get him to help in making amends.

What starts with as an understandably difficult relationship soon turns into friendship as Tyler can't resist Chris's ghostly charms.

I really did have fun reading this book, Chris is a riot he's what appears to be a spoiled rock star with a dirty drug habit and dirtier sex life but really he's a guy who's in great(not physical)pain and the only way to escape is the hard drugs which end in his death. Then there's Tyler who doesn't really think much of himself, he kept a crazy girlfriend for way longer than he should have just because she occasionally put out even though she was always envisioning someone else and he's stayed at his job for ever because he's never quite found the motivation to go back to college. The two bring out the best in each other with Chris opening up about his life and learning how his coping mechanisms aren't quite the best and Tyler growing up and accepting himself.

I love a good ghost love story and I'm always curious in how the relationship between a ghost and living person will work. The ending of this one still left me with some questions but oh well, live in the present and all that I guess.

Carry On

Carry On - Rainbow Rowell I loved this! Its crazy cute and very harry potterish with that mm twist that I need.

How to Be a Normal Person

How to Be a Normal Person - T.J. Klune I was really excited for this book and went and preordered me a paperback and that's not something that I do lightly being that I am quite broke but I felt this book was meant to be read the old fashioned way and it did not disappoint.

I. Love. This. Book.

Gustavo Tiberius is rather weird, he reads encyclopedias before he goes to sleep, reads a motivational quote when he wakes, has a ferret named Harry S. Truman, owns a video store that hardly anyone ever comes into and has three awesome old lady biker friends who may be sisters or polyamorous lovers (he's too scared to ask). Sure he misses his dad everyday and maybe he's a bit lonely though he would never admit it but he's alright with that. Life is perfectly okay.

And then Casey Richards comes to town.

Casey is an Asexual Stoner Hipster who Instagrams everything he eats and is a sorta famous author of a popular paranormal book series that got turned into a movie, which Gus hates.

Gus has no interest in such a person.

But Gus can't deny that there's something there and somehow they end up becoming friends and oh my god maybe something more. But then Gus overhears something that makes him think that maybe being different is not as okay as he had believed and decides that if he wants Casey he has to change that.

So off Gustavo goes and "buys the internet" and starts researching how to become normal. So begins a new Gus even though the parts that Casey really loves are the un-normal ones.

Casey is a wonderful stereotypical Hipster who kept making me laugh with his hashtags and Gus, oh Gus such a precious soul who so does not need to change. Now don't get me started on the Lesbian Lovers, Sisters? Thespian riding badass old ladys, oh my god! They are a riot!

Really this book was hilarious and heart warming and proves that sex is so not the most important aspect in a relationship. And the cover? It's so minimalist and perfect and I Love it! Once again T.J. Klune delivers.

Mad About the Hatter

Mad About the Hatter - Dakota Chase Oh this sounds fun!

Trust Me

Trust Me - Jeff Erno 3.5

Almost one year later I return to finish it! And it made me cry.

Sloe Ride

Sloe Ride - Rhys Ford Was this the last one? This saddens me.

Lovers & Fighters

Lovers & Fighters - Nash Summers I fell in love with Nash Summer’s writing when I read Maps a while back, she has such a wonderful way of bringing such amazing, colorful characters to life. And so when a saw she had an actual book not just a short story coming up I could barely contain my joy; I ended up reading it in a single sitting and I was correct in assuming it was going to be something amazing. Just like her characters Maps and Rust, Julian is an amazing unreal person bursting with personality and Scott who's internal struggle resonates with me, that struggle to be who everyone expects you to be while hiding who you really are.

In short this book is a piece of art just like Julian is and I'll continue reading anything Nash writes.

Oh, right the story is about Scott who's a modern art curator at a museum. Trapped in his own life just going through the motions and trying to be someone who his parents can be proud of and dating a nice guy because they just work. Then his carefully planned life gets shattered as does his heart when he meets the artfully broken Julian, a photographer with a ton of baggage and a troubled past and even though Scott knows that Julian doesn't fit his schedule he can't help obsessing over the beautiful boy who walks balloon toting dogs and has a different name everywhere he works who is his opposite in every way and who stole his heart the first time they met.

Blueberry Boys

Blueberry Boys - Vanessa North I love blueberries they're my favorite berry!

Thanks for the ARC Netgalley <3<br/>
Years ago Connor finally escaped the nightmare of his town and made a life for himself as a top notch photographer in New York but now he's back in town for his uncle's funeral and though he plans to sell the family's blueberry farm he pauses when he meets the beautiful tenant, Jedediah.

Jed's stuck in a closet hiding from the closed mindedness of his town and family but meeting the man who holds his future in his hands and sees through his stutter may be worth the heartbreak.

Though there's mutual attraction between them the impending selling of the blueberry farm that's Jed's life stands in between Jed and Connor's happiness. Trying for a long distance relationship is difficult and unlikely to work unless they can somehow meet in the middle.

In a town where the preacher preaches like it's the 1950's change is hard to come by.

I rather enjoyed this book it's full of my favorite fruit! I liked Jed he has such a passion for his work and hides who he is in fear of losing his family and friends. Jed's never known real love and then Connor comes to town and even though their relationship is difficult as is their situation he's finally happy. Connor is pretty cool too even though his only family hates him he doesn't let that break him and comes to reconcile with his once hated hometown for the love of the shy stuttering blueberry farmer.

The Glass House

The Glass House - Suki Fleet That cover. Oh my god!

Knave of Broken Hearts

Knave of Broken Hearts - Tara Lain Omg I love it!


Crossroads - Riley Hart 11/24 I just got the audio narrated by Sean Crisden! Time for another reread!

9/30/15 Reread.

Yup still a 5.

I love this book. Love it. It's a wonderful Contemporary with double gay for you, super hot, dirty talking, sex!

Nick just got out of a long marriage that ended when his wife left him for the man she'd been cheating on him with. He's understandably depressed but hopeful for the future he has his new restaurant that's doing pretty well and he just moved in to his new home that shares a backyard with his new neighbor.

Bryce can't seem to figure himself out, it took forever for him to settle on a career path and his love life is filled with short relationships and shorter one night stands. His mother is exasperated but hopes he'll marry his girlfriend soon, only he hasn't been dating her in months just hasn't told her in fear of breaking her heart. At least his new neighbor, Nick seems to be cool. The two quickly bond over motorcycles and food. Bryce and Nick become inseparable, attached at the hip and Bryce's family suspects a little more than friendship is going on there except neither guy is gay but maybe, for each other?

Cue the smoking hot sex!

As the two fall in love they quickly realize that love isn't all they need and figuring out how to get their families to accept and believe in their relationship may be harder than they hoped.

I loved Riley Hart's book Collide but I think maybe this one is even better. I first read Crossroads right when it came out back in July and just two months later I'm reading it again! Also I love the cover, so cute and Black and White :D

Prickly Business

Prickly Business - Piper Vaughn, Kenzie Cade I really liked this I loved that one of the MCs is a hedgehog shifter, hedgehogs happen to be one of my three favorite animals, they're so cute!